A review in the Review

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Ten years ago, my story “Dining with Robert Redford,” caught the eye of Dr. Margaret Bauer, editor of North Carolina Literary Review at East Carolina University. Her acceptance was one of my first paid fiction publications. I was thrilled to receive my copy of the journal containing the story…just as thrilled as I am this week to see the journal’s review of my story collection by the same title.

Editorial Assistant Amanda Stevens was so generous in her comments about my book which fit perfectly with this year’s theme, Literature into Film. “In her stories…(Wilson) explains issues familiar to readers of Southern literature. A feature that sets Wilson’s collection apart is that while fulfilling a certain necessity for true-to-life appeal, she also–and often–juxtaposes the quintessential small-town American South against the ‘glitz’ of celebrity status.”

Stevens went on to comment, “Her stories…capture not only the essence of life in the Old North State, but also universal elements of American culture.”

Thank you Ms. Stevens and Dr. Bauer. It’s folks like you at NCLR who do so much to help make North Carolina the “writingest state.”