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Book cover Going Plaid in a Solid Gray World Tamra Wilson

Going Plaid in a Solid Gray World

Published by Redhawk Publications

About the book

Going Plaid in a Solid Gray World is all about the extraordinary in everyday life: smelling “ghosts,” discovering a family diary from the Gold Rush, spotting real pennies from heaven.

These short essays are drawn from Tamra Wilson’s newspaper column that readers in her corner of North Carolina look for every other Tuesday. Like friendly chats over coffee, they offer insights about room mothers, greeting card glitter and wearing seersucker and white shoes after Labor Day. There are weightier subjects, too, such as leaving home and coping with COVID.

A portion of proceeds benefit The Corner Table soup kitchen, a charitable agency that addresses hunger in Catawba County, North Carolina.

Book cover - Idol Talk - Tamra Wilson

Idol Talk

About the book

In the midst of acne, social anxiety and training bras are the teen idols that make adolescent life a little more bearable. Whether their cutouts are plastered on bedroom walls or hidden behind locker doors, there is no denying the impact of these stars on young women. This collection of new essays explores with tenderness and humor the teen crushes of the past 50 years—from Elvis to John Lennon to Diana Ross—who have influenced the choices of women, romantically or otherwise, well into adulthood.

Book cover - Dining with Robert Redford - Tamra Wilson

Dining with Robert Redford

About the book

Meet Priscilla the meatpacker and Kim who interprets dreams, Doris the traveling mannequin, and the Hastings, a couple who spot Robert Redford at a local restaurant. These characters and more make Dining with Robert Redford & Other Stories such a treat. “Good stories have a way of hunting me down,” Tamra Wilson says. With snappy wit and clear-eyed compassion, she turns the ordinary into a savory blend of contemporary voices from the tradition of Southern storytelling.