Examining this life

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July 16 marks one year since I received my MFA degree. I’m not sure what I thought this first post-graduate year would be like.

I assumed I’d whip out another book, write tons of essays and give a lot of readings for my first story collection that came out last August.

I was half right. The book launch and promotion took far more energy and time than I would have imagined. That next book manuscript is more in my head than in my computer. But instead of concentrating on a glass half-empty, here are the numbers.

Books read (a necessary ingredient for writing): 53
Talks/readings/appearances: 24
Conference papers presented: 1
Book tours: 2
Stories/essays placed: 8
First-place, writing contests: 2
Finalist, regional writing contest: 1
Honorable mention, national contest: 1

I’ve also started a writer’s group, joined the Road Scholars for the N.C. Humanities Council and have been chosen as a critiquer for the N.C. Writers Network.

Could I have accomplished more? Of course, but that’s not the point. I need to relish the present, stop regretting the might-have-beens.

I share this because we as human beings need to reflect more, judge less. As Plato quoted Socrates: “An unexamined life is not worth living.” The examination may pleasantly surprise you.