Getting creative with Georgia Bonesteel

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Georgia Bonesteel is the queen of quilts, so when word got out that our library had booked her for a lecture and trunk show, quilters flocked in from as far as Delaware. Really.

Last Saturday’s program was thrilling not only for the chance to meet this crafting icon, but seeing up close what she had stashed in her trunk–a rainbow of quilts, most made by the master herself–a fabulous New York Beauty, the LeMoyne Star, Log Cabin designs, Irish Chains, Nine Patches, Crazy Quilts and so on. Some have appeared on her Create TV program. Some have appeared on book covers. Still others are used in her own home.

While the patchwork was fabulous, Mrs. Bonesteel’s words on creativity touched me equally. Her comments were simple but true. Get inspired by taking a walk around the neighborhood, bring a camera, look for patterns and shapes. Look to nature for ideas. Take notes.

The same applies to any art form, be it painting, sculpture, drama, dance or writing. Look around, take notes. We don’t need exotic scenery or dramatic events to make art. Neither do we need the “perfect” setting to create. The human condition is revealed to us every day in many ways if we will take the time to open our eyes.

Recently I drafted a short essay based on walks around the neighborhood. I imagined who lived here years ago, what they did, what they left behind. My journey in words is as revealing as the one down the street.