Idol Talk is here!

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First copies of the long-anticipated anthology rolled of the presses on May 29.

What began as a fun email exchange between writer Elizabeth Searle and me more than four years ago has become the first-ever collection of essays about teen idols by some of America’s most fabulous female writers:  Ann Hood, Jill McCorkle, Leslea Newman, B.A. Shapiro, Judy Goldman, Susan Straight, Dolen Perkins Valdez, Stephanie Powell Watts, Oprah Book choice Breena Clarke and more.  The Foreword was written by Peter Noone, Herman of Herman’s Hermits.

IDOL TALK invites readers to a “Ya-Ya Sisterhood”-type pajama party as authors share “true confessions” of their own celebrity obsessions. Included are deeply personal musings about such stars as Elvis, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson and Davy Jones as well as some nontraditional idols: Bobby Orr, Baryshnikov, Chris Evert, Peggy Lipton and Raymond Burr. IDOL TALK will bring back memories, stir up new thoughts and trigger frank talk about many a woman’s first love, her teen idol.

Order a copy from your favorite independent book store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or McFarland & Company. An eBook version is forthcoming.

Discounted copies will be available at Idol Talk readings and book signings. For more information, email me: