Make a list, check it twice

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operasydney-fuegos2006-342289398It’s 2017. If you’re reading this, you already have a reason to be thankful. You made it into another year. That’s more than many did. You know who they were.
We can resolve some big things that we probably won’t do. Lose weight, stop smoking, save more money or spend more time with family. Resolutions, no matter how well intentioned, can’t succeed without a plan.

Slim Paley, a model-gorgeous sixty-something whose blog I follow, has just posted her New Year’s resolutions. Her blogs are always fun and refreshing. Though she posts photos of her Sun Valley retreat and the gorgeous golf course view from her dining room window in Santa Barbara, her style is humble enough to make me not succumb to envy.

Her advice for 2017: Stay creative and keep listening to music, stop and appreciate nature, remember that what’s important to one person isn’t to another, count your blessings every single day. Take every opportunity to tell someone how much you love them. Let go of mistakes. All are much easier said than done.

One resolution that really struck me was her last: Write a list of things that make you happy. Make a list of things you do every day. Compare the lists. Adjust accordingly.
The mere act of making the list should get things going.

So here are my resolutions:

Eat less high-fructose corn syrup. I read a Facebook post about this the other day. It’s an additive that’s harming us all. Since it’s in most processed food, eating less of it is going to be a challenge.

Drink more water. This will undoubtedly make me healthier.

Read more books. Over the past couple of years, other “stuff” has restricted my reading life even though I have a new e-reader and more time than ever to read. But what’s that saying about retired people?

Keep walking. It’s great that Tym and I walk the dogs about three miles a day. A resolution can be to maintain good behavior.

Downsize the clutter. My book shelves and closets are bursting with things I don’t need or use. It’s high time to donate, discard and downsize.

Worry less about things I can’t control. Like many of you, I was sucked into the political fray this year. In the end there was relatively little I could do about any of it. Yes, sometimes it’s good to unplug and forget the rest of the world. Whatever happens, the problem will resolve itself whether I fret over it or not.

I’ve also taken Slim’s advice to make a list of things I like to do vs. things I actually do every day. I’ve checked them twice, and yes, I need to adjust. I’ll bet you do too.