Tamra is a Road Scholar with the North Carolina Humanities Council. Her presentations focus on what makes a Southern story Southern and child voices in adult narratives.

Outside the Road Scholars realm, Tamra is an experienced presenter of topics covering history and genealogy–two life-long passions. Derived from research for her family history book, Miller Time, she has developed a PowerPoint presentation, “Troublesome Years, 1810-1820” covering often-overlooked events that deeply affected our ancestors’ lives and dramatically shaped world history.

Her research involving ancestor in the mid 19th century has resulted in a new PowerPoint talk, “Sarah McGuirk, Orphan Train Rider.”

She has also developed Genealogy 101, an effective program for those wishing to embark on a family history quest. And, as part of the launch of the Idol Talk anthology, she has produced a PowerPoint to chronicle some of the history behind celebrity crushes.

Contact her at tamra(at)